Environmental Characterization and Remediation

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Radiological Mapping

DDES provides technical expertise in radiological walk-over surveys, equipment operation, data logging and map production. GIS surveys provide our clients with detailed, accurate and descriptive information regarding site grounds radiological contamination status. GIS surveys provide DDES and our clients with the information necessary for release or remediation. Survey and data analysis are compiled into a concise and systematic format to provide our clients with a visual aid to the many data points collected and give a better understanding to the meaning of the data that is being portrayed. DDES has performed numerous radiological GIS surveys for our clients to confirm contamination levels of site properties.

Open Land Area Surveys

Providing site soils radiological characterization and remediation based on established contamination levels. Soil remediation is performed in conjunction with GIS radiological surveys to identify areas of elevated contamination. Soil removal and necessary packaging is performed in a controlled setting with emphasis on radiological controls and personnel and public safety. Waste disposal methods and facilities are chosen based on radiological activity of the removed soils and the initial characterization data.

Core Sampling

Collection, packaging and compliant shipment of undisturbed material samples for radiological analysis. Samples acquired are based on locations generated using “Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual” (MARSSIM) survey unit classifications. Samples are sent offsite and analyzed by an accredited third-party laboratory. Results are determined based on chosen sample analyses for site specific isotopes of concern and other environmental hazards. DDES has completed core sampling for various clients leading to cost saving remedial efforts and release of uncontaminated materials.