Ra-226 Warehouse Decommissioning

DDES has successfully achieved radioactive material license termination for a confidential client in eastern Pennsylvania. During the decommissioning process, DDES employees free released 5.5 million pounds of warehouse inventory from four separate site locations. By free release and later recycling the inventory, DDES was able to provide the client with revenue to help fund the remaining decommissioning efforts.

Once inventory was removed from the four warehouses, totaling 100,000 square feet, were decontaminated to meet the established DCGL of 100 dpm/100cm2 for total alpha contamination. DDES used several innovative waste reduction methods to save the client money along with minimizing the environmental footprint left by the project. The reduction methods included the implementation of a high pressure compactor to reduce waste volumes as well as surface decontamination practices used to remove only first ¼ inch of flooring material.

Along with interior decontamination, DDES preformed GIS exterior soil surveys. These surveys pin pointed the precise location of contaminated soils. Once these areas were located, the project team executed soil excavation. All contaminated soil was packaged and shipped offsite. Along with contaminated soil, DDES packaged and shipped more than 220,000 pounds of Radium contaminated items and building debris. DDES implemented a waste management plan that cut shipping cost in half from previous shipments. This allowed the client to successfully achieve license termination while growing as a small local business.