Radiation Protection Support

Decontamination Decommissioning & Environmental Services, LLC provides an array of health physics services and support to our clients. With over 80 years of experience pertaining to radiation protection and environmental services DDES, LLC can provide an unmatched service for our clients utilizing our staffs industry experience and attention to detail. We provide Radiation Protection Plan Support, Overall Program Audits, Waste Services and Training. DDES currently provides site services to clients in the Cambridge, Massachusetts area. We currently provide the over site and technical staffing for the largest radiologically impacted Superfund Site in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on which two of our team members are the acting Radiation Safety Officer and Assistant Radiation Safety Officer.

Radiation Protection Support

DDES provides reliable health physics and radiation protection support that is unmatched in the industry. The experience of managing our own radioactive materials license allows for our staff to comprehensively evaluate and maintain regulatory compliance with client’s licenses and programs.

DDES routinely provides detailed program audits for our clients in accordance with NUREG 1556. The staff at DDES provides a top to bottom overview of the program and is able to communicate deficiencies and findings with the client’s management team. DDES prides itself in its corrective actions and cost effective solutions for our clients.

Compliance Training

DDES offers onsite radiation safety compliance training in accordance with 10 CFR Part 19. Our subject matter experts can provide your staff with the knowledge to confidently handle radioactive materials as specified in the client’s radioactive materials license. Advanced courses for the usage of radiation detection instrumentation are also available.