Radioactive / Mixed Waste Management

Radioactive Waste Management

The generation and disposal of radioactive waste is highly regulated and must be managed properly. At DDES our track record speaks for itself with multiple satisfied clients from many different industries. Our attention to detail monitoring, tracking and managing radioactive waste at client’s facilities helps to relieve the regulatory burden from our clients.

The staff at DDES have years of experience dealing with both licensed processors and disposal sites throughout the country. Our understanding of the processes used in the R&D industry provides an in depth understanding of radioactive waste management. This allows our staff to “think outside the container” to provide our clients with cost reductions that are not dependent on the “price per pound.”

Looking at the upstream processes that generate radioactive wastes provide the best areas for improvement. Our knowledge with the methods available for treatment and disposal of R&D wastes allows us to recommend changes that are easily implemented and provide tangible benefit to both researchers and radiation protection personnel.

In order to achieve a successful waste management program, accurate records must be maintained. Each waste stream must be accurately profiled in order to obtain the best competitive disposal pricing.

Mixed-Waste Management

Mixed-Waste generation can occur wherever processes involve the use of radioactive materials and hazardous chemicals. The most common type generated is Low-Level Mixed-Waste from sites such as hospitals, universities, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology operations. The need for proper characterization and disposal is crucial for any company to continue operating in a legal and efficient manner.

Our staff is as versed in chemical properties of waste as they are about isotopic analysis. The staff at DDES has in-depth experts in chemical and radiological characterization. Being able to document material that does not meet the criteria for a mixed waste provides substantial cost savings. DDES has characterized and consolidated millions of pounds of radioactive and mixed wastes saving significant financial resources for clients.

DDES understands differences between a $25K and $5K quote for treatment and disposal is how the waste profile information is documented and presented to the processors. DDES assembles comprehensive waste profiles for mixed waste that clearly communicate the constituents and hazards inherent to the materials. This reduces the quote turn time and disposal costs to clients.

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